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Why Listen to Us?

  •  7+ Years in the Etsy Game: We've weathered it all and thrived.

  •  Multiple Seven Figures: Yep, you read that right. We’re just as surprised!

  •  8,000+ 5-Star Reviews: Because happy customers are the heart of our business.

Meet Us:

  •  Family-Run Business: Work-from-home warriors with 3 little girls.

  •  Etsy Trailblazers: Top 1% Etsy Shop Owners sharing our secrets.

Our Story:

"We stumbled into Etsy, hoping for a side gig. Little did we know, it would become our main hustle. We've cracked the code to Etsy success and sold over six figures in our first year. Trust us, it's been a wild ride! We're here to share every twist and turn, the highs and lows, and how we made it work while trusting in God. Spoiler alert: It's been more than worth it!"

What's Inside?

  •  First-Hand Strategies: From our home office to yours.

  •  The Leap of Faith: How we went from skeptics to Etsy believers.

  •  God, Family, Etsy: Our journey of balancing it all.

  • 7 Checkpoints to Etsy Success: We guide you step-by-step from idea to first sale.

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Ready to turn your passion into profits on Etsy? Download 'The Etsy Roadmap - Unlocking Etsy Success' now for a step-by-step guide on defining your niche, crafting a standout shop, and dominating the Etsy marketplace. 

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